Optimizing Performance

Although BearExtender has a powerful transceiver and external antenna, you may still desire a stronger signal in certain environments.

The primary culprit is interference. 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n share radio frequencies with devices such as cordless phones, cellular phones and microwaves. Being in the proximity of any combination of these devices will result in interference.

Solid concrete walls, large metallic appliances can also produce interference passively by deflecting Wi-Fi signals.

If you are an RV or Marine user, try using BearExtender outside or above any large metal plating in your vehicle or boat. Aluminum and other metals reflect Wi-Fi signals.

If you find that BearExtender performs better beyond your metal plating, consider purchasing the
BearExtender 16 foot USB Extension Cable accessory.

To minimize interference, try the following:

Change BearExtender’s antenna position between horizontal and vertical.
BearExtender’s antenna has unique sensing properties in the horizontal and vertical direction. By changing the angle of the antenna, you can direct BearExtender to focus on specific networks.

Reposition yourself
Move away from devices that may cause interference and thick solid walls that may reflect Wi-Fi signals.

Change your Wireless Router’s broadcast channel.
Wireless routers can communicate on one of 13 channels. Many wireless routers ship by default locked onto one channel. By changing your wireless router to broadcast on a less crowded channel, you can maximize speed and decrease interference. This usually fixes the problem if you are located in a high density area, such as a multi-level apartment building. Consult your wireless router’s manual for instructions.

In general, changing the position of BearExtender’s antenna and relocating yourself should improve your connection.

Upgrading the Antenna

If you are unable to achieve a desirable connection strength using BearExtender’s standard antenna, please contact us before purchasing a replacement antenna.

BearExtender’s included antenna has a sensitivity rating of 2 dBi. The antenna jack type is “RP-SMA.”
You may want to consider purchasing the
BearExtender 5 dBi Antenna upgrade accessory.

Although you may find other antennas with higher sensitivity ratings, connecting them to BearExtender may worsen your performance due to the power output specifications of BearExtender.

contact us with the following answers for a list of recommended antenna upgrades.

1. Are you trying to connect to your personal network or someone else's?
2. Do you know what direction the Wi-Fi router is located?
3. What is the current "Signal Strength" ?
4. Where are you using BearExtender? (School, Home, Boat, RV, etc)