Step 1: Install

Open the Mac OS X Tiger folder on the CD, then double click “Install”.
When the installation has finished, restart your Mac.

Step 2: Plug in BearExtender

Connect the USB cable directly to your Mac.
If you are using a Macintosh desktop computer,
do not plug BearExtender into the unpowered USB ports on the keyboard.

Step 3: System Preferences

Go to the Apple Menu and choose System Preferences.


Step 4: Network Preferences

Under Internet & Network click on Network.


Step 5: New Port Detected

You will see the following message. Click OK.

Picture 1

The en# number may be different on your Mac.

Step 6: Show > Ethernet Adapter (en#)

From the Show menu, select Ethernet Adapter (en#)


Step 7: Apply

Click Apply Now.


Step 8: Turn Off AirPort

If your Mac has a built-in Apple AirPort card, please turn it off while using BearExtender.

Pasted Graphic

Step 9: Join a network from using the Wireless Utility

Select your network from the Wireless Utility and click Connect.
Once you are connected, you can minimize it.

Use this window to scan and connect to networks in place of the AirPort menu.

USB Wireless UtilityScreenSnapz001

Step 10: Learn how to Safely Eject BearExtender

When you are done using BearExtender, click Radio Off on the Advanced tab before you unplug the USB cable. More information



BearExtender is now ready for use.
If you need help, please view the
Troubleshooting page or contact us.

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