I do not get a pop-up alert after installing the software and restarting my Mac

Step 1
Make sure BearExtender is plugged into a USB port directly on your Mac.
Do not use a USB hub or the USB ports on the keyboard if you are using a Mac desktop computer.

Step 2
Re-install the software, then restart your computer.

Step 3
Rebuild the Network Interface:

1. Connect BearExtender to a USB port
2. From the Apple menu, select "System Preferences”, then click "Network"

3. If you see USB Ethernet in the side bar, select it, then click the "-" button.

4. Click the "+" button.
If the "+" button is grayed out, click the lock icon and enter your password.

5. Change the "Interface" to “USB Ethernet” and Click "Create"
6. Click "Apply" in the lower right, then close the window, restart your Mac and try connecting again.

Step 4
If the above does not resolve the problem, please
contact us.